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Scott from Prescott, Arizona writes

Will Sevin Concentrate kill bark beetles (the fivespine ips)?

The invasive bark beetle in Ponderosa Pine


Sevin Concentrate is labeled to treat bark beetles. The label states it should not be applied to trees larger than 10 feet tall; this is possibly because doing so would not apply an adequate amount of product to the trunk to be effective in killing insects that contact it. When treating for bark beetles, it is recommended to spray up to 15 feet high since generally they do not go much higher than that.  You can use a product like Permethrin SFR to do so. Unfortunately, once the borers have already infested the tree there are not any viable treatment options as they would be protected from sprays. In cases of infestation, the general recommendation is simply to protect the surrounding trees with preventative sprays with a product labeled for such a use. Infested trees will need to be trimmed and/or completely removed. 

Answer last updated on: 03/08/2021

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