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Linda writes

Will Sevin Concentrate work on stalk borer caterpillars on bee balm plants as a soil drench?


The Sevin Concentrate should kill any stalk borer that comes into contact with it, that being said, its not a systemic product so its not one that will get taken up by the plant.  Common stalk borer caterpillars can be difficult to manage because caterpillars that tunnel into stalks are very well protected. Cultural control for common stalk borer includes any weed management plan that limits or eliminates grasses near field margins. We do not have an effective control for borers that are inside of the stem. Per the Iowa State Extension research article on stalk borers: Plants can sometimes be saved by slicing open the stem and removing the borers by hand.   Wilted plants should be considered as a source of additional borer problems and these should be removed and destroyed.  The best suggestion is to keep weeds and tall grasses controlled and mowed around gardens and flowers, especially in the fall.  This will help eliminate sites that are attractive to the adult moths and the young borers. 

Answer last updated on: 04/09/2021

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