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Paul from Eugene, Or writes

Will Talstar P treat fruit flies?

Fruit flies! Eighteen indoor plants must be causing this...


Unfortunately, Talstar P is not labeled to treat fruit flies. Fruit flies are attracted to rotten or fermented fruit and vegetables not house plants. However, they can also make homes in drains, garbage disposals, mop buckets, garbage cans, and recycle bins. Even something as small as spilled juice under your refrigerator can be a home for them; all they need is a thin layer of organic material.  Getting rid of fruit flies doesn' t have to be difficult. Cleaning up is the most important step in getting rid of them because they are naturally drawn to overripe, rotting, or spoiled produce. Therefore, merely throwing out such items or storing them in the refrigerator or sealed containers will lead to a drastic decline in the number of fruit flies, even without any further action on your part. Also, regularly rinsing out your garbage cans and recycle bins.  There are several different priduct you can use to get rid of fruit flies. Beccause they are flying insects, one of the best ways to kill fruit flies in your house is to use a fruti fly trap like the Vector 960 Fruti Fly Trap. Besides fruit fly traps, there are many different fruit fly sprays that will aid you in killing them as well such as 565 Plus XLO.  If you are only seeing flies around the indoor plants, then you may actually have fungus gnats, for which you could treat the plants with Talstar P. The most important step to eliminating fungus gnats is to avoid over-watering the plants, and to allow soil to dry out to reduce their food source and breeding environment.

Answer last updated on: 10/06/2016

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