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Gale from Oquossoc writes

Will Tempo Ultra WP be effective on larder beetes?

12 years ago we rebuilt our summer cottage and had our first major infestation of Cluster Flies and Fall Lady Bugs. We have had an exterminator each year but still have them- or their bodies each spring. During the past 3 years the bodies seem to have invited an infestation of Larder Beetles. Professional services aren't working. What can you recommend?


Yes, you can use Tempo Ultra WP as a crack and crevice treatment indoors and as a perimeter spray outdoors for larder beetles and for exterior spraying to prevent the overwintering pests. You may need to continue to look for ways to exclude the cluster flies and lady beetles from entering the structure by sealing up entrance points around windows, doors, and utilities. We have some great exclusion products here. You can also use an insecticide dust for extra prevention in wall voids and other cracks and crevices, such as CimeXa Insecticide Dust. If you are out of the cottage for long periods of time, then you may want to use Fly Light Traps to help catch insects that make their way indoors.

Answer last updated on: 07/05/2018

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