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Ryan from Torrance, Ca writes

Will the CB PCO Fogger kill fleas?

I'm having a very bad flea infestation at the moment. I tried using Advantage and another flea killer product on my cat and the fleas still have not disappeared. I'm looking for something more permanent and lethal to make sure the fleas don't ever come again. I do believe that once the fleas are killed they won't ever come again because the general area we live in is really not flea heavy, I just believe I went to someone else's place who had fleas in the house, and I just happened to pick one of them up from sitting on there couch or their dog that hasn't been treated by flea medicine. Will the CB PCO Fogger kill these fleas once and for all?


Foggers work very well to get rid of the adult fleas that are exposed at the time of the treatment but will not effect the adult fleas that are hidden away at the time of the treatment or the flea eggs or larvae. Most infestations require two or even three treatments of a product that contains a long lasting residual and an insect growth regulator such as Ultracide. Treatments should be applied at two week intervals. Vacuuming immediately before the application and daily vacuuming will be vital to successful flea control. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum contents in a sealed bag away from your home.

Answer last updated on: 10/07/2011

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