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Gary from Cashiers, Nc writes

Will The Complete Ant kit kill large black ants?

the black ants are about the size of red ants. Not small - like fire ants. i hired a bug company who told me the black ants were NOT carpenter - exterminator company not successful. Ants are inside & out. Home in N.C. - Blue Ridge Mts.


We recommend that you fist check to see if the ants will take a bait. You can do this by doing a test called the  "Peanut butter and Honey" test. Simply put a dab of honey on one end of an index card and a dab of peanut butter on the other end and set the card near an area where there has been ant activity. If the ants seem to be attracted to the peanut butter and honey then baiting with the kit should be successful. If you do have a species of ant that doesn't accept bait you can always use a product such as Termidor SC. Termidor SC is a non-repellent product that is picked up on the fine hairs of an ants body and then inadvertently spread through the ant colony by normal social interaction. Most people notice that the entire ant infestation is gone in 1-3 weeks. The only downside to Termidor SC is that it is an outdoor only product. If you need to treat indoors you can use Phantom. Phantom is a lot like the Termidor but it does take a little bit longer to see results and it can be used indoors.

Answer last updated on: 08/02/2012

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