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Diane from Salisbury, Nc writes

Will the Conquer and Archer IGR together be safe for my outside cats, and can I spray upholstered furniture?

It's the fall here. When is the best time to spray? Before it rains? Will rain dilute solution? What can't you spray in the house? How many hours do you need the dogs to stay out of a room you have sprayed?


All animals need to be out of the area while you are doing the application and they can safely return after the treated area has dried. When spraying outdoors the area you are treating should be dry at the time of the application and for 24 hours after the application. After 24 hours the products will be rain safe. Conquer and Archer IGR are both labeled to be sprayed indoors but are not labeled for use on upholstered furniture. On upholstered furniture you could use a product that is labeled for this type of application such as Ultracide. Most infestations require a second treatment and severe infestation may even require a third treatment. Treatments should be applied at two week intervals. Infested areas indoors should be thoroughly vacuumed prior to product applications to help remove as much flea eggs, larvae and debris as possible, and also to help stimulate larvae to change stages and come into contact with the product. You should continue to vacuum at least every other day for the next two weeks. Pets should be treated for fleas as well as the areas they spend a lot of time such as pet bed, kennels, carriers, couches, and moist shady areas where they spend time outside.

Answer last updated on: 10/29/2011

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