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Joann from Sussex, Wi writes

Will the Terro PCO Liquid Ant Bait work on carpenter ants? How do I know if that is what I have in my home?

For several years I can hear activity in my bathroom wall. We had raspberry bushes up against the outside of our house. We have since torn them all down about four years ago. Do you believe that these are carpenter ants that I am hearing in my bathroom wall? And reading your reviews people seem to have seen trails or ants going to their destination. I have only seen approximately 8 to 10 in my bathroom all one at a time. So Am I to assume these are Carpenter ants that I hear in my wall? Where...outside... Do I look to see where they are coming from? I've checked other yrs. and never found evidence of where they enter. Please help. I'm afraid some day my whole wall will collapse if I can't solve this problem. I will be ordering your product I just need to know which is right for me.


We apologize but without being there we cannot tell you for sure what insect you are dealing with in your home. Our very best recommendation would be to contact a local pest control company in your area. Often times they will offer free or very low cost inspections to come out and identify what pest is invading your home and where the source of the problem is. If you truly feel you have carpenter ants, our best recommendation would be our Carpenter Ant Kit #1. This gives you 2 baits to place in the areas where you have witnessed some of the ant activity and they will take it back to the nest to eliminate it at its source. The baits are specifically geared towards attracting carpenter ants but will work on other species as well.

Answer last updated on: 03/06/2014

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