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Lois from Minnetonka, Mn writes

Will this work to treat my large dog of scabies mites? What concentration? Mixed in water or oil? Thank you....

My large afghan hound has scabies mites and is getting liquid ivermectin weekly. Not much success yet. I would like to do something topically for him. What is the concentration? What mixed with?


The Southern Ag Natural Pyrthrin concentrate is not labeled for use on pets and would likely not control the mites. Mites on pets are normally mange mites, the pet version of scabies as scabies is what its called on humans. If you are already getting treatments from the vet then that is the steps you should follow unless they specifically recommend a product that is labeled for mites that is safe for use not only on your pet, but in conjunction with the product that is already being used. Mites on pets are not something you can normally get rid of quickly so its best to give the product from the vet time to work. 

Answer last updated on: 11/27/2014

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