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Gary from Amarillo writes

Will Trimec at a rate of 1.5 oz per gallon of water in a hand sprayer harm my rye, bluegrass mixture?


The 1.5oz rate is the higer rate, so you would want to make sure you're using adequate water for distribution of the product in a 1000 square foot area and avoid any potential harm to your desired turfgrass.  When treating with Trimec Classic the amount of water can vary between 0.5 to 6 gallons per 1000 sq. ft. Using between 0.75 to 1.5 of Trimec Classic per 1000 sq. ft. is the most important measurement to worry about. The steps below will allow you to estimate the amount of product and water needed for the area that you want to treat. Steps in Calibration: 1. Mark an area of 1,000 square feet (i.e. 20 by 50 feet, or 25 by 40 feet). 2. Place the sprayer on a level surface and add water noting the final level of water in the spray tank. 3. Spray the marked area with a sufficient volume of water to provide uniform coverage. Refill the sprayer to the same level as before measuring the amount of water added. The measured water added to the sprayer is the volume needed to cover 1,000 square feet. 4. Determine the application rate (fl oz/1000 sq ft) for the product from the “Approved Uses” section of this label. 5. To each volume of water used, as measured in step 3, add the amount of product determined in step 4.  

Answer last updated on: 05/20/2018

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