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Winter Lawn Care

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how to take care of dormant grass, trees, and shrubs with these quick videos.

What about my Lawn During the Winter?  - Dormant Lawn Care Tips
What can be done in your lawn during the winter months? In this video, we'll walk you through some winter lawn care tips to keep your lawn healthy leading into spring.
How to Use Dormant Oils - Tree & Shrub Care
A dormant oil application can help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and protect your ornamental plants from insect infestations in the spring.
Weed Life Cycles - Treating for Winter Annuals, Summer Annuals & Perennial Weeds
Weed life cycles play a huge role in their prevention and treatment. Make sure your lawn is protected by following these simple tips.
Do My Own Lawn Care - How to Winterize your Yard
In this video, Paul will go more in depth as to what winterizing your yard consists of.
Winterizing Your Cool Season Lawn
Learn the basics of applying a winterizer fertilizer in cool season lawn with these tips.