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Max from Provo writes

Would Prime Source Imidacloprid 2F be effective against mealybugs and spider mites on succulents?

Would I have to both spray the plants and water them with the solution? How often? I have a collection of succulents indoor in pots & have been battling mealybugs, root mealybugs, spider mites


Prime Source Imidacloprid 2F is not labeled for use on containerized plants. You could potentially use Safari 2SG for containerized plants in a greenhouse to treat sucking pests like mealybugs, but this will not treat spider mites. For houseplants, you can use a ready-to-use spray such as Monterey Houseplant Insect Spray. For large numbers of greenhouse plants, we recommend contacting a Master Gardener in your area for recommendations on succulents since they may require different treatment than other ornamentals.

Answer last updated on: 04/24/2019

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