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Tammi from Lebanon,tn. writes

Would Wasp Freeze help stop wasps from getting behind my siding?

I would like to know if this spray would do any good if I sparayed the area where the wasps are going in at. Do you know of any products that would decrease the pheramone scent to make the bees go somewhere else besides my house siding?


Wasp Freeze works best on exposed nests that you can spray directly. We recommned that you use a hand duster and apply a dust such as Tempo dust to the holes where the wasps are going in and out. The dust will help eliminate the wasps in the nest and any other wasps returning to the nest. Tempo dust will stay effective for several months as long as it is dry. We are not aware of a product that would eliminate the wasp pheromone to help stop wasps from returning to a particular area. After dusting in the void where the wasps have a built a nest you can try spraying the siding with a product such as Talstar P. You can spray once a month and any wasp that lands on treated areas will be eliminated within about 24 hours which should stop new wasps from being able to build a nest.

Answer last updated on: 03/23/2012

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