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David from Sacramento, Ca writes

Yeah my question is on broad mites and eggs. Will Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide kill them?

I am able to knock down the broad mites on the outside of the plant but I am not able to kill the eggs in the plant so they keep returning time after time. I have tried Pylon, I've tried other chemicals and I need something that I can feed to the plant to kill the eggs inside does this product work for that. Or do you recommend something else to feed my crops to kill the eggs


Floramite SC Ornamental Miticide is not labeled for treating eggs.  Most insecticides will not list the eggs of pests on the product label since testing for this is very costly and they are pretty protected in their casing. You will want to get thorough coverage with your spraying for mites and treat tops and bottoms of the leaves. Products should be rotated after 2-3 applications to prevent resistance as well.  There are no systemic you can apply for the trees to absorb to kill eggs, as the eggs don’t feed on the plants.

Answer last updated on: 03/20/2020

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