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4-Speed XT

4-Speed XT provides rapid, effective control of a wide range of post-emergent broadleaf weeds in many settings, including cemeteries, athletic fields, golf courses (aprons, fairways, roughs, and tees), parks, lawns, sod farms, and other professional turf sites. The high-powered blend of four active ingredients creates a combination that is deadly to almost any broadleaf weed, including tough weeds like ground ivy, violet, and spurge. You will notice results in as little as 24 hours.

Product Documents

  • Fast-acting broadleaf weed control with visible results within 24 to 48 hours
  • Premium chemistry of four active ingredients
  • Maximum control of hard-to-control weeds like wild violet, ground ivy and spurge
  • Good tolerance on established cool- and warm-season turfgrasses

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    5 of 5 stars  Works as advertised
    By Matthew in Kutztown, PA on 07/13/2016

    Was using Trimec 992 before I bought this. The Trimec didn't touch the Wild Violet in the yard but this certainly did. It is a lot more expensive than the Trimec but it finally killed the tough weeds. Trimec is fine for most weeds and usually needed a second application to kill them all but this worked great on all the weeds and no need for a second application. Works as advertised and worth it for the cost.

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04/17/2016 Tad from Potomac, Md

QHow many ounces of 4 Speed XT do I use per gallon of water to spot spray weeds with a tank sprayer?
How many ounces of product per gallon of water should I put in my tank sprayer?


The mixing ratio of 4-Speed XT for fescue is 1.1-1.5 fl. oz. per gallon of water. This will treat approximately 1000 square feet.

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09/13/2014 Denny from Thompsontown Pa.

QHow much 4 speed to a gallon of water?

AWhen using herbicides such as 4 Speed XT, the amount of water is dependent on the how much water it takes to cover a 1,000 sq ft area. The best way to gauge this is by marking off a 10ft by 100ft area. Fill your pump sprayer and "mock" spray the area thoroughly. This will tell you how much water to mix the 4 Speed XT with. 

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09/21/2014 Brian from Eubank, Ky

QWhat is the shelf life of 4-Speed XT if stored 55 to 75 degrees?

AThe 4-Speed XT will have a shelf life of 3-5 years as long as it is stored in moderate temperatures of 55 to 75 degrees,

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08/11/2014 Wayne from Chapel Hill Tn

QI have about 1 and 1/2 acres mostly weeds but some Fescue. I want to kill the weeds with 4-Speed XT without hurting existing turf and reseed. How much do I mix per gallon?

AFor a selective post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds in established Fescue lawns, 4-Speed XT is labeled to use at a rate of 1.1-1.5 fl oz per 1,000 sq ft. For more information on application instructions and seeding details, please refer to pages 4-6 on the product label.

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09/28/2015 Herbert from Saraland, Al

QCan 4-Speed XT be used on St Augustinegrass?


4-Speed XT does not list that it is safe for use on St Augustine grass on the product label so it would not be recommended.

If you could please tell us what you are trying to treat for we would be able to make a better recommendation

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09/03/2014 David from Nashville

QI have a 5 gallon backpack sprayer...what it is the mixture rate per gallon for 4-Speed XT?

APlease refer to pages 4-6 of the product label for specific mixing and application instructions as they will vary for the type of grass you are applying the 4-Speed XT to. Please let us know if you need anything else.

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09/20/2016 Ted from Port Allen

QCan 4-Speed XT be applied to centipede and St. Augustine lawns?


Unfortunately, 4-SPeed XT is not labeled to be used on either centipede or St Augustine grasses. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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06/09/2016 Kevin from West Haven, Ut

QHow soon can cattle graze after applying 4 Speed XT?


4-Speed XT is not labeled to be used in areas where animals graze.  If you do have a grazing plot that was treated with the product then the grass should be allowed to grow high and then be cut several times before the cattle can be turned out to graze again.  A better option to use would be something like Crossbow that is labeled for pastures and except for lactating dairy animals has no grazing restrictions.

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09/02/2016 Mike from 46176

QHow do I spray wild violets in shaded areas with 4-Speed XT?


Shady areas would be treated the same as non shady areas.  Apply 4-Speed XT as directed on the product label for your turf type.

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12/04/2017 Eleazar from San Clemente, Ca

QTengo hierba en pasto San Agustin, puedo aplicar 4-Speed XT?


Desafortunadamente, 4-Speed XT no esta etiquetado para usarse en San Agustin. Si sabe que tipo de hierba mala quiere matar tal vez podriamos recomendarle otro producto. Dejenos saber si podemos ayudarle en algo más.

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07/01/2014 Smooth from Forest Hill,la

QCan I spray 4-Speed XT on green leriope?

A4-Speed XT is not labeled for application to Green Lirope. To more accuratly asnwer your question, please contact Nufarm 800-345-3330 the manufacturer.

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09/19/2017 Marvin from Orem, Utah

QHow long after applying 4-Speed XT can I water my lawn?


According to the product label, for optimum results when applying 4-Speed XT, do not apply when rainfall is expected wthin 4 hrs; delay any irrigation cycles for 24 hrs. 

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06/14/2017 Bob from Farr West

QHow long before you can water after an application of 4-Speed XT?
What is the safe time before pets can use the yard?


Do not apply 4-Speed XT if rainfall is expected within 4 hours and avoid irrigation for 24 hours following the application. Children and pets should not be present during the application and may return after the treated surfaces are completely dried.

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08/19/2017 Benjamin from Rushville

QCan 4-Speed XT be tank mixed with quinclorac?


4-Speed XT can be mixed with other herbicides.  We would suggest performing a small jar test before mixing a large batch to be sure that the two products are compatible.

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