What is Acephate?
Acephate is an active ingredient-classified as an organophosphate-found in many commercial pest control products, including Orthene PCO Pellets, Orthene Ornamental and Turf Spray, and Acephate 75 SP.

Acephate Produts

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A professional insecticide with 97.4% of Acephate for excellent systemic insect control on turf, tree and ornamentals.
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A Fire Ant insecticide that kills Fire and Harvester Ants and their nests in lawns, gardens and landscaping areas.
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An insecticide that controls Fire Ants and used on fire ant mounds in lawns and landscaping areas around the home.
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An insecticide for control of fire ants.
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A professional water soluble systemic insecticide that controls insects on ornamental plants, trees and turf-grass.
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A professional wettable powder insecticide that controls thrips, plant bugs, aphids, and whiteflies in agricultural and non-crop areas.
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An insecticide for long-lasting control of aphids to white-flies in gardens, shrubs and trees.

What pests are targeted by Acephate insecticides?

Acephate is most effective on turf, tree, and ornamental pests. Also control ants (including imported fire ants), cockroaches, crickets, firebrats earwigs, pillbugs, sowbugs, pantry pests, and wasps.


How does Acephate work to kill insects?

Organophosphate insecticides, like Acephate, work by interrupting the electrochemical processes that nerves use to communicate with muscles and with other nerves. This causes a build-up in the chemical acetylocholine. Eventually, the build-up of acetylocholine in the muscles causes over-stimulation, resulting in paralysis and death.


Products containing the active ingredient acephate:

  • Orthene PCO Pellets
    Excellent insect control on turf, tree and ornamentals.
  • Orthene Aerosol
    powerful and versatile crack and crevice tool for control of a wide range of pests
  • Acephate 75 SP
    Acephate 75 SP may be used in a variety of exterior settings include fields and pastures, recreational turf, residential and landscaped turf, and food-bearing plants and trees for superior control of fire ants and other agricultural pests.


Acephate- Safe For Use Around People and Pets

Acephate is classified as a General Use Pesticide (GUP), meaning that it is unlikely to harm the environment as long as you follow the directions on the product label. Anyone can safely use a GUP, not just the pros.

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