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James from Nj writes

I am a little confused about bulbs and the "wait 1 year to plant" instructions with Snapshot DG Herbicide

I am planning on applying Snapshot to the flowerbed in the front of my home where I do a mass landscape planting of hybrid petunias every year. In fall I like to pull up the petunias and plant a few hundred tulip bulbs. This would obviously be far less than 12 months. Would the residual Snapshot in the soil harm the fall planted bulbs?


The Snapshot DG Herbicide has a specific section of the Product Label that goes over use around Ornamental bulb plants. The area you are referring to is higher up on the label referencing ornamental plantings in general, but not bulbs specifically. 
Ornamental Bulbs 
Do not use Snapshot DG in bulb production fields. For use in landscape settings only. Snapshot DG may be applied for control of susceptible annual weeds in ornamental bulbs, e.g., bulbous iris, daffodil (narcissus), hyacinth and tulip. Apply Snapshot DG to the soil surface 2 to 4 weeks after planting, but prior to the emergence of annual weeds. Snapshot DG may also be applied following bulb emergence but prior to flowering and after flowering. For fall planted bulbs, apply Snapshot DG again in late winter or early spring to weed-free soil surfaces. 
Special Use Precautions: Do not apply to tulip plants that have emerged to a height greater than 3/4 inch. Do not apply to gladiolus prior to emergence or if corms are less than one inch in diameter. Do not apply to bulbs while they are flowering.

Answer last updated on: 04/20/2021

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