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    Amdro really works!

    By Cheryl on 07/28/2017

    We have been fighting ants in our home and on our property for 10 years. We have used commercial companies to treat our problem and that is exactly what they did, treat it instead of getting rid of it. We have an acre lot with a field behind us with 2 large ant hills that are a foot high and a foot wide. We have been scared to have the mounds treated fearing the enormous amount of ants would flee and head even closer to our home. Even having the ant problem being treated monthly, you could physically see the rocks in our landscape move, all of our trees and landscape plants were infested. I bought 2 of the 24 oz bottles of the Amdro Ant Block bait and am absolutely impressed at how well it has worked! I used only 3/4 of one bottle and spread it out heavily between our house and a foot out into our landscape. I then lightly spread it in all our landscape, around our trees and then hit the entire perimeter of our property. With much hesitation, I decided to spread some on the large ant hills behind our home. When I spread it on the ant mounds I opened the bottle to spread more and a golf ball size chunk fell out and I just left it there. When I walked back to my home I was absolutely shocked. You could see tons of ants around my home and they were all carrying the pellets. I had spread the pellets in the evening when the ants are most active and when I got up in the morning was blown away as ALL of the pellets were gone. I went back to the ant mounds and ALL of the pellets were gone, even the golf ball piece! It has been 2 weeks now and my ant population is down by 99.9%. I am going to apply one more treatment this weekend but I believe after having our home treated for 10 years, this product did the job. My only complaint is that I have 2 trees with carpenter ants, which it says it treats, and it did not do anything for them. However I bought some Maxforce Carpenter Ant bait gel and applied that directly to my trees this past Monday, and I can't find any ants on any of my trees. has the most informed website and the best prices, even beat Amazon.

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    Great Product

    By Pete on 08/29/2014

    I have used numerous products to try to control the ant problem around my home. I wasn't able to keep the ants out of the house for very long. I decided to try this product. It works great. Ants go crazy for it. 48 hrs later they are gone. $16.99 for a 1.5 pound bottle is excellent price considering how well it works.

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    By Norm on 05/07/2016

    This is the only product that I've found that controls all the ants on my property. Works great.

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