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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Nothing is perfect, but Amdro Pro "works"

    By Brendan on 03/28/2012

    I'm giving Amdro Pro 4 stars only because I have yet to use anything that actually works better. I've tried all of the home-baked remedies (instant grits, hot water, Indian chants, etc) and most of the commercially-available ones as well, and as a single product, Amdro works reasonably well. Unfortunately, Fire Ants are aggressive, invasive, and extremely hardy, so true extermination is impossible. Control and mitigation are the only possibilities, and that requires fairly intensive, sustained effort. There simply is no annual "one and done" method. Amdro Pro has TWICE the effective amount of active ingredient than does "Extinguish Plus" so it actually costs considerably LESS than EP for the amount of killing power in each bag. However, even with AP I often have to treat the same, larger mounds (and I've seen some monsters!) 2-3 times over the course of a month to finally kill it completely. Make sure it's dry (but not too dry), warm (but not too warm), and thoroughly spread. Forget tablespoons, we're talking CUPS per mound spread over a 10-15' radius (if spot treating). I don't want to broadcast, because we have livestock.

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    Great product.

    By David on 04/24/2013

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    This product works very well. I have 6 acres and was infested with fire ants, mounds everywhere. I first applied a small amount of this product to each mound I could find. This worked well but after following up with a broadcast application they were gone. I went from 100's of mounds to 0. Not sure if we will ever have a problem again but as for now no fire ants.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)