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Todd from Crtstal Rivers Fla. writes

Are the products in the Outdoor/Indoor Flea Kit safe around kids 2 years of age?

Will rain wash the products away?


Both the Onslaught and the Martins IGR that are included in the Outdoor/Indoor Flea Kit are safe to use around children as long as you follow the product label. Children need to be out of the area while the products are being applied and they can return to the treated area as soon as it is dry. Both of the products in the Outdoor/Indoor Flea kit are rain safe as long as the products were applied to a dry surface and they have had time to dry before it rains. As a general rule of thumb you should have no rain the day of or the day after the application to insure the products have had time to bond to the surface so they will not be washed away with the rain.

Answer last updated on: 09/01/2011

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