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Justin writes

Are you able to mix Demand CS and Mosquito Barrier together for a yard barrier spray?

Wondering if they are compatible. The goal is to use the repellency of the garlic with the residual of the Demand CS for dual action. Or if EcoVia EC or Essentria IC3 could be mixed as well with Demand CS? I also have Archer IGR on hand.


Mixing Demand CS with Mosquito Barrier would not be beneficial. You want the mosquitoes to land on the Demand and pick up what is there. If you were to mix the two, the Mosquito Barrier would act as a barrier and would prevent the insects from landing where you have sprayed the Demand CS. You can mix Archer IGR with Demand CS or with EcoVia EC or Essentria IC3. You could also mix a low rate of the EcoVia or Essentria with Demand CS for faster initial knockdown.

Answer last updated on: 01/14/2021

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