What is atrazine?

Atrazine is a chemical compound widely used as an herbicide in commercial crops and home lawn care. It is part of the triazine group of herbicides, the most widely used group of herbicides.
We carry several weed killers you can buy that contain Atrazine to help you control a wide range of broadleaf and grassy weeds.

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A selective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide that controls both grasses and broad-leaf weeds in dormant and growing for St. Augustine and Centipede-grass.
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A selective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide for St. Augustine and Centipede grasses that controls many broad-leaf weeds and suppresses crabgrass.
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A selective pre-emergent herbicide and lawn fertilizer for prevents broad-leaf weeds and fertilizes warm-season grasses.
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A ready-to-use tough weed killer that contains 4% atrazine for both emerged weeds and weeds from seed.
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A southern weed and feed that controls unwanted weeds and fertilizers the grass to protect it against heat and drought.
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A herbicide designed to control weeds from seeds in St. Augustinegrass and Centipedegrass.

What is atrazine used for?

Atrazine herbicide is used in crops such as corn and sugarcane. It provides good weed control for crops because it is a selective herbicide, meaning the crop plants can metabolize the chemical, but the weeds are killed. It also has lawn care uses, like for golf courses and residential lawns as a weed killer. It is great for dandelions and crab grass without killing your grass. 

How does atrazine work?

Atrazine works to kill broadleaf and grassy weeds by absorbing through the weed’s roots in liquid form. It travels up to the actively growing leaves and tips and inhibits photosynthesis. This takes about two to three weeks. 

Is atrazine safe around people and pets?

There has been a worry that atrazine is a carcinogen, yet the EPA has not found a link with this herbicide to cancer. There is a risk of skin irritation upon exposure to products containing atrazine. Always check the label for warnings and instructions for use.

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