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    Worked better than I expected

    By David on 09/27/2017

    I ordered this to use at a property where the client was concerned about adverse reactions sometimes attributed to Glyphosate products. After a little research and an agreement to pay more for my service, I ended up shooting this stuff on a warm, dry day. It smells like a mixture of soap and urine and suds up occasionally, but it effectively burned down most of the applied weeds. Some weeds did recover, so a second application was required, but I sometimes have that happen with Glyphaosate products. It is expensive to shoot due to the enormous application rate. All in all, if you have a client that is scared of certain chemistries, this is a viable option.

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    done with roundup

    By Chris on 12/05/2016

    this took care of everything but the viney stuff. I got a good month of coverage on my field but then had to put more on, it doesn't get the roots. Kills anything green, I burned a few keepers cuz i didn't sheild

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