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    Great product, worked all season long

    By Jeffrey on 02/11/2019

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    I was really impressed by this product. For years I used Dimension 2EW and had to apply twice per year in heavy doses because of the soil type in my area (northern North Carolina Piedmont), sloped portions of yard, etc. For a while I was considering the WDG version of this, but was always hesitant as keeping the solution agitated enough concerned me. That said, this liquid is probably just as good if not better, especially using a backpack sprayer. I put down 1 oz per 1000 sq ft, which is a little higher than what the label suggests, but again, my soil conditions are unusual in that I have some sloped portions of my 1.25 acre yard and the soil in general is quite hard in areas, and somewhat sandy in others. Over this past season where we went through the remnants of two hurricanes and rainfall was nearly 30 inches above normal (normal is 45 inches per year, we got nearly 75 this year), crabgrass popped up in only very small patches, and only in and along the swale lines--a bit of post emergent spraying throughout September easily took care of these. There was literally no crab on the level areas all season long. All this said, please keep in mind one thing...this product does not do as well as Dimension 2EW on at least one other listed weed; it's performance on foxtail was less than I would have had with 2EW. But, to me, it's a small price to pay not having to spray twice per year, use less chemical at a lower cost, and have nearly eliminated my crabgrass problem--it is this area of the United States that invented crabgrass back in 1786 :)

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