Bat Repellent

Bats are beneficial animals to have around your home, since they can help to control mosquito populations and even help to pollinate flowers and plants. However, bats can get caught inside your home or try to roost and live in areas where they are unwanted. Bat repellent products are focused on excluding and discouraging bats from coming in or around your home.

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An advanced square-shaped technology that drives bats from residential or commercial buildings without harming them.
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A 3/8 in. polyethylene knotted mesh which is commonly used for bat exclusion. It is an effective solution for bat control with its efficient but discreet barrier.
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A natural and biodegradable repellent for Bats in easy to use place packs to make the Bats disappear.

Bat Repellent and Deterrent Products

Bat repellent products include bat cones and mesh netting to prevent bats from returning to a roost area. They should be used in conjunction with other exclusion methods, like repairing all holes and reinforcing potentially vulnerable areas of your home. This not only helps to prevent future bat infestations, but also keeps out other animals, like rats and squirrels.

Bat repellents are not the same as many other wildlife repellents, which often use taste, touch, and scent to repel and discourage wildlife, but these products do not work on bats. Using methods and products to keep bats out of unwanted areas, and even setting up a bat house to encourage roosting in approved areas, will be very effective.

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