Bat Removal & Control

Bats are nocturnal, eat mosquitoes, and usually avoid people. But when a bat gets into a house, barn, or building, it can cause alarm because bats carry rabies and their guano contains a fungus that is harmful to humans. Our selection of bat control products can be used to deter and prevent bats from entering your structure, keeping you safe from disease.

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a rust-proof exclusion material used to keep out rodents and birds
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Pur Black Foam is for outdoor use and will help prevent insects and other small pests from getting inside your home by filling cracks, crevices and voids.
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A natural and biodegradable repellent for Bats in easy to use place packs to make the Bats disappear.
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An advanced square-shaped technology that drives bats from residential or commercial buildings without harming them.
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A 3/8 in. polyethylene knotted mesh which is commonly used for bat exclusion. It is an effective solution for bat control with its efficient but discreet barrier.
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An easy-to-install yet effective deterrent that keeps swallows from building mud nests and keeps away bats.

Bat Control Techniques and Materials

If you find that bats are using your home to roost, exclusion is the most effective, most humane way to get rid of bats. You can construct one-way doors out of copper mesh that enable the bats to fly out at night but unable to return. Once you are sure the bats are no longer there, fill all gaps ¼ to ½ inches or larger, and holes 5/8 inches in diameter or larger. Using foam filler is an effective bat control product, as is wire mesh. 

To prevent bats from roosting again, you can place bat repellents in those areas. Bat repellent makes the environment very unpleasant and the bats generally want to get out of that area immediately. Do a thorough inspection of your home, making sure there are no gaps or cracks for the bats to squeeze in to. 

Bat traps are generally ineffective; the bats can escape and isn’t a deterrent to them from coming back. Many people want to know how to kill bats, but this is generally illegal in most states and counties, and there are no “bat killer” products available.

Safe Bat Removal

If you find a live bat in a living space, follow these steps to safely remove the bat:

  • Do not attempt to knock the bat out of the air, handle, or catch the bat.
  • Bats will make sharp turns when flying in an enclosed space, so you may confuse this with the bat swooping at you, but it is trying to get its bearings to return outdoors.
  • Confine the bat to a room with outside access.
  • Open the door or window and leave this room.
  • Allow the bat to find its way outside. This could take a few hours as the bat may be disoriented. 
  • Do not let children or pets back into the room unless you are sure the bat is gone.

Important Bat Information

Knowing more about bats can help you to understand their patterns and be more comfortable with them when you encounter them outside your home. Bats are the only mammals that can truly fly, and one bat can eat thousands of insects in one night. Some people choose to attract bats to areas around their homes for this very reason. All bats are nocturnal and will roost during the day, hanging upside down on branches or wedged in to a protective space. Healthy bats will not attack humans; they are more likely to bite if being handled.

If you are concerned there may be bats roosting in your home, look for some tell-tale signs, such as bat droppings (which is shiny, brittle, and filled with insect bites and will often be in piles near roosts) and watch for bats near dusk to see if any exit or enter your home.

Bat Health Concerns

If the bat bites a human or pet, seek medical attention immediately. Confine the bat to one room and call animal control to capture the bat and test it for rabies. Rabies is easily treatable and rarely fatal if treated immediately. 

Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a certain fungus that can be found in bat guano. The spores can become airborne and inhaled, and can be serious if left untreated. When cleaning bat guano, always wear a mask and spray guano with a bleach and water solution before removing.


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