Beaver Traps

Beavers, while beneficial to their habitats and our natural landscapes, can end up causing major damage, especially flooding and felling important trees. Beaver traps offer an effective and practical way to remove and control a nuisance beaver. While beaver trapping can be difficult, with the right beaver trap you can successfully remove unwanted beavers or reduce beaver damage.


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Double door trap that can capture and hold beavers 50 pounds or larger, raccoons, and like-sized animals.
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A professionally made trap that can be used in both water and land
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A specialized beaver trap designed for use in tighter spots and smaller runs.

Beaver Trapping

Depending on where you live, beavers may be protected or considered fur bearing animals, and only available for trapping during the designated season or not at all. On the other hand, some states may consider beavers to be a nuisance or rodent status, and accommodations are made to increase control efforts. Before you trap beavers in your area, make sure you are aware of the laws. If beavers are considered furbearers, steel-jaw foothold traps, padded jaw traps, and body gripping traps are often not allowed in trapping.

Using Beaver Traps

Effectiveness of your trapping efforts depends largely on your knowledge of beavers and their habits, habitat, food preference, etc. Knowing this will aid you in placing your traps in the correct places for optimal success. Here are some tips on how to set a beaver trap successfully:

  • Beaver trapping takes practice. Going out with someone who has trapping experience might make your endeavor easier and more successful.
  • Beavers swim along the surface and at the bottom of ponds, depending on the size and depth of the pond.
  • Beavers also establish trails both in and out of the water, called runs, that they use to get in and out of the water and their lodges, where you can set the traps.
  • There are usually at least two adult beavers to a lodge, but usually a juvenile and a few kits as well. This means you will have to plan to trap all of these beavers if you want to reduce all the damage. You may have to trap several days in a row with several trap in a single pond with a single lodge.
  • To set a beaver trap under water, you will need extra equipment like waders, an axe or sharp tool, wire, etc., to properly set the trap.
  • Read the instructions on your trap very carefully and do as much research as possible to safely and successfully use your chosen beaver trap.

Beaver Damage

Beaver feeding and dam building can cause problems like flooding homes, roads, and crops, can destroy important trees, dam important waterways, drains, pipes, etc. or flood and kill trees. 

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