Bed bug spray is one of the more effective bed bug solutions aimed at killing bed bugs. Sprays can get into the cracks and crevices where the insects hide for more control. Our professional grade bed bug sprays will give you professional results for faster relief.

Bed Bugs Guide

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A natural insecticide that is used to prevent bed bugs and similar insects on any fabric, carpet and furniture for up to 12 months.
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A professional insecticide pre-harvest spray for commercial minor crops, animal feed crops and ornamental shrubs & trees.
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An easy-to-use aerosol that is formulated with three active ingredients to provide three modes of action for quick knockdown and residual control of listed pests.
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A ready to use indoor application spray which effectively kills bed bugs, its eggs and nymphs. Residual lasts up to 4 weeks.
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A professional insecticide for indoors and outdoors that may be used as a aerosol, ULV, thermal and fogging applications.
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A professional insecticide that prevents and controls termites, carpenter ants, and other insects around homes, athletic fields, lawns, ornamental plants.
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Multiple sizes available
A professional controlled released insecticide for indoor & outdoor use for residential and commercial areas.
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A professional insecticide and an IGR in a Multi-pack containing 2 quarts of Demand CS and 5 pints of Archer for indoor and outdoor pest control.
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Protect the inside of the home against bed bugs and other home invading insects.
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A professional aerosol insecticide that has contact and residual kill for 30 to 90 days for commercial and residential use, including food handling areas and indoors and outdoors.
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A Permethrin spray that treats and controls ticks, bedbugs, mosquitos, and other insects.
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J.T. Eaton Bed Bug Spray is used to kill bedbugs, fleas, brown dog ticks, and other insects.
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Kills Bed Bugs II is a bed bug killer spray with the active ingredient deltamethrin.
Quick View Bengal Bed Bug and Flea Killer Spray
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A professional insecticide that provides long-lasting control against bed bugs, fleas, and dust mites without leaving any stains.

We Have the Best Bed Bug Spray Available

We only carry professional grade bed bug sprays. We sell the exact same chemicals that bed bug exterminators use, ensuring the same professional results, but for a fraction of the cost.

Different Types of Bed Bugs Spray

•    Pesticide Sprays

This is where you’ll want to start if you’re trying to get rid of an infestation. These are the sprays that will give you the power to knock out bed bugs and kill off their eggs so that the infestation does not continue.

Most bed bug pesticide is based on a family of insecticides that are known as Pyrethroids. Although they are synthetic chemicals they are proven to be safe to use in all situations, so long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. Be sure to treat the bed in the morning, as the products generally must be left to dry completely before the area can be re-inhabited.

A couple of the most popular brands of bed bug insecticide that we sell are Steri-fab bed bug spray and Bedlam bed bug spray, both of which offer the power necessary to knock out even the most tenacious of nests.

•    Repellent Sprays

In addition to the sprays that are meant to kill the bugs, there are also several products that are designed to repel the bugs. These are especially useful when you are travelling, as most bed bugs are picked up from hotels and other areas with a large turnover of guests such as youth hostels and bed & breakfasts.

One benefit of these sprays is that they are almost always made out of 100% natural ingredients, so they can be sprayed with no worry on any surface that you want to keep bed bugs out of, including luggage and clothing.

Bed Bug Spray Reviews

Our site is covered with helpful reviews so you can know what will work the best for you. As you look through our bed bug products you will find plenty of bed bug spray reviews to help you select the right one for your specific situation. You can also call us with any questions.

A Quick Intro to Bed Bug Removal

The bed bug is by far one of the most annoying and tenacious pests one can face. When an infestation occurs, they are numerous, resistant to elimination methods, and constantly feeding on anyone who sleeps in their vicinity. The key to getting rid of bed bugs is to be prepared, both with the tools you’ll need and also with the knowledge of how these insects live, feed, and reproduce.

The first part of the solution is to learn all about bed bugs; where they come from and what products they might be susceptible to. Once you are armed with the knowledge of how these bugs, you can begin to eradicate them.

We can help with all phases of a bed bug removal plan, from giving you expert advice when you first discover the problem to supplying you with everything you will need to eliminate the bugs once and for all.

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