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Mitekillaitsonlikedonkeykong from Melbourne, Fl writes

Bedlam efficacy on bird mites and/or rodent mites

I'm battling what is almost certainly bird mites. I purchased onslaught which slaughtered them, and Steri-Fab for daily use inside of car, pet bedding, etc. This combination worked!!! Until 7 to 10 days later...I slacked the first time around and missed a birds nest that took 3 to 4 hours, 5 trips and at least 10 bottles of water to find lol. I don't want to slack this time around and think my mite pillaging will be much more enjoyable and thorough if I had an aerosol can (opposed to lugging around a sprayer). I intend to spray every square inch of my attic including a "light" broadcast to my sprayed insulation. Would you recommend Bedlam for this application (or Bedlam plus?), or something different?


Neither Bedlam nor Bedlam Plus are labeled for use to control bird mites, so we would not recommend either product for this application. We do not have an aerosol or liquid concentrate that we would recommend for use on top of spray insulation. Please view our Mite Control Page for assistance with identification to see what kind of treatment, if any, may be necessary.

Answer last updated on: 06/09/2014

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