Beehives & Hive Parts

Turn your beekeeping dreams into a reality with our beehives and hive parts. Get started with one of our hive kits or supplement your existing hives with hive parts, including frames, foundations, and stands. Comb honey or collect pollen from your bees with our tools. 

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A standard hive with everything you need to get started in beekeeping.
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A 10-frame deep hive body that can be used as a brood box or a honey super.
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A hive frame ready to be placed in your hive right out of the box.
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Temporarily plug any holes drilled on your hives bodies with this hole plug.
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Can be utilized with different sizes of honey buckets to help secure the honey inside.
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Medium-sized wooden frame that is ready to be placed into the hive right out of the box.
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A 10-frame medium super that can be used as a brood box or a honey super.

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