Beekeeping Protective Clothing

Protect yourself from bee stings and agitation with our beekeeper clothing collection. We have what you need to cover your body, face, and hands from active bees. Beekeeper clothing will prevent any rogue bees from flying into your clothes and protects against smoke and fog used on hives.

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Original ShuBee Shoe Covers - Dark Blue are great for preventing dirt, mud, and other debris from entering homes!
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A top quality beekeeping veil with hat will keep you protected while inspecting and working with your hive.
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A DuPont Tyvek coverall which helps protect you from stinging bees.
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A generously cut deluxe jacket that comes with a self-supporting domed veil to help protect you from stinging bees.
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A pair of gloves made of smooth and pliable goatskin designed to provide protection when working with bees.

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