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Benefits of Applying Humic Acid

By DoMyOwn staff

What is humic acid and how can it benefit your lawn? Learn the basics with these quick tips.

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Hey everybody this is Heath with Today we're gonna talk to you about humic acid.

We're getting a lot of phone calls from customers asking what humic acid is. Essentially it’s a supplement that is derived from peat and other organic matter. It's a soil conditioner that helps unlock nutrients in the soil.

It's going to allow the fertilizer that you're putting on the lawn to process through the plant much easier - chelating those nutrients that are in the soil already, it allows that plant to access the nutrients that already there much easier without stressing out the plant that's already there any more. It's also going to aid in moisture retention. That's going to allow the soil to retain that moisture for a longer period of time, so you wouldn't have to water as frequently and in addition, it is going to allow that water to soak to a deeper level as well and allow that root system to chase it and grow deeper.

Anytime throughout the growing season for your grass is a good time to apply it. Especially during the summer months so it can aid in the summer months for soil and water retention is a good idea.

The product can come in a granular or a liquid form. Some people say that the liquid form can get into the plant much longer but granular forms can last a little bit longer so depending upon you and how it is easiest for you to apply is what I would recommend. so if it's easier for you to spray the lawn, then use a liquid application. If it's easier for you to a granular application, then do it by spreader form. You don't want to do spot treatments with it or anything like that - we want to do blanket applications over the entire lawn when we do this application.

How much to apply will depend on the product label. You want to read the product label because it will vary product to product, whether we are using a dry granular product or a liquid product and the percentages of those actives in there will determine on how much we need to apply.

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