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    Bengal Spray

    By Regena on 06/15/2014

    Verified Purchase

    This is by far the BEST roach spray ever.I moved into an apartment where roaches ran rampant.It took just 2 sprays around the rooms and haven't seen a roach for weeks.

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    Cockroach Graveyard

    By Hallie on 07/03/2016

    My mom complained about cockroaches. I go to college but came back to the house for the summer. I deal with cockroaches at my apartment and had been unsuccessful at ridding my own home of them in the past. You would never see hers until nighttime. If you came in the kitchen and turned on a light they'd scatter. My mom had figured out they must be living behind the refrigerator. When she left town for a week she left a bottle of this on the counter to try. (It was more expensive, so foolishly I'd never tried it on my own problem before). That night, after putting the animals in the bedroom, I sprayed EVERYWHERE. Behind and under the fridge, behind the oven, by the trashcan, under ALL the counters, etc. Had no scent and I quietly went to bed. Next morning, what had been a clean kitchen floor and counter, became a cockroach graveyard. HUNDREDS of those disgusting insects were dead and strewn across the floor. It was so gross. I vacuumed the dead ones and repeated the following night. Same result but to a less intense degree. I'm repeating the ritual until I see no more (and probably once or twice after that for good measure). BEST PRODUCT EVER (and I've tried just about every product out there). This is unbelievably effective. Buying it for my own apartment now!!

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    Bengal roach spray

    By Louise on 05/07/2014

    This spray is all you need to wipe out an infestation.Ive used this product on and off for 30 years and am always satisfied immensely.

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    Texas Best

    By Tony on 02/16/2017

    30 years ago I had a horrible problem with roaches at our house. I tried all the sprays that Home Depot, Lowes, and grocery stores had. It was as if I was spraying a water mist from a spray bottle. No relief. Then one day while visiting my mother-in-law my wife told her about our problem and she pulled out a can of Bengal and said "why don't you try this" We did. Man there were dead roaches everywhere. In just a few days our problem was over. Since then my wife and I retired and moved out to a ranch. Now I use it for a bad infestation of scorpions. It works great! It keeps them out of the house for about 3 months before I have to spray again. We find dead scorpions everywhere. There is a special Bengal spray for spiders and scorpions (green can) but the roach spray works just as well. The spider and scorpion spray kills them quicker but you have to be sure to wear a mask when spraying, it's powerful.

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    By Burl on 08/02/2017

    The very best spray I ever used. I never saw so many roaches in my life. I'm so thankful to Bengel spray and all who made it, they come running right away and expire. Our home and camper are bug free thank you again so much, sincerely we can sleep...

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    Roaches begone.

    By Craig on 12/04/2017

    I had a really serious roach infestation for years that got worse when my neighbors moved out. I spayed this stuff under my sink, and around all the doors. A few days later I started seeing deformed roaches. Then less and less roaches period. Then no roaches at all. Two years and counting. Not a roach. Bengal roach spray does as advertised. DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE!!!!

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    By Kathy on 10/30/2017

    They put me up at a motel while they were remodeling my apartment. They tore the cabinets and the sinks out. My neighbor had roaches bad. They fumigate his apt before they could work in there and being there were holes in the walls where my pipes, sinks and cabinets used to be they came in my apt! Well, I used the Bengal bombs and since I've been home I've used the spray and haven't seen it. Just be careful it doesn't blow back on your legs because it burns! Open a window if you can because it'll give you a headache if you breathe it.

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    Bengal is the best hands down

    By Dawn on 08/27/2019

    Ive never had roaches in my life. I do however have a roach phobia unfortunately... My pump in my basement went out. Of course as luck would have it we don't go down there often so we had no clue. I only found out after it attracted roaches. I hardly wanted to sleep or eat at home Im highly phobic so I needed a quick resolution. I looked for hours and hours ober many days buying any and everything anyone said worked. The gel bait is ok but alone it didnt do it they came right back fast. Bengal solved my problem. Hands foen do not waste your money go straight for the good stuff. Its a few more bucks but i promise you it's cheaper in the end. PS for those saying it didn't kill them or it blows them away if it can kill everyone elses roach it will kill yours too. I highly doubt you have an exotic breed ???? so you know it allows them to live long enough to make it back to their nest. It puts a new meaning to tell your friends as they die too.

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    Tried It

    By Cr on 05/12/2019

    Saw this on YouTube, so I picked one up and went to work spraying a bedroom. Not only did they get them to come out there, they were coming out from the next room (kitchen area). It doesn't kill on contact but gets them to take it to their nest and spread it to others. Best roach spray I used.

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    Great product

    By Gerardo on 07/27/2020

    This product is great, i would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get rid of roaches. I came across this product through a youtube video and it really helps you get rid of them. You do have to keep the treatment up to date if you want this product to really work for you. I live in apartments so i will definitely keep buying this to stop roaches from living with me rent free.

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    By Suzanne on 11/18/2021

    This spray works! They say if you see a roach at night, there are many more. I had roaches everywhere even during the day - walls, ceiling. They didn't care about hiding. The several various extermination companies didn't make a dent. This spray got rid of them. Thank you Bengal.

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