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Jon from Gadsden, Al writes

Best Way to Kill Stink Bugs on 2nd & 3rd floor of house.

For some reaon I don't have any stink bugs on my bottom floor of the house, just a few around the windows. But my second and third floor windows that face direct sunlight get covered up anytime the temp outside gets over 60-degress outside. I can vacuum up 50-75 on one widow and come back the next day and have just as many. Being I can't get up this high on the outside of my house and will have to treat the windows and window seals from the inside, would you use something like this product or one of your aerosols?


To be honest, this time of year there isnt much you can do for the ones that are inside other than your current efforts of vacuuming them up. Stink bugs and similar beetles start making their way inside your home during the fall and emerge the next spring. To prevent them from getting in, you must spray around the window frames, door frames and eaves and edges of the home they could use as entry points every month from August through November and often December if you are in areas where winter hits later in the year. Once they are already inside, they will stay in crevices for the most part and only appear on warmer days or until spring rolls around. That explains why you see them on the windows of the sunny side of the home as that is what they are drawn to and they are trying to figure out how to get back out of your home. You can put insecticide dusts like Cimexa Dust down in crevices and cracks, around seals and in wall voids by removing the covers from plugs/outlets and light switch plates. You would apply a few puffs of the dust in the voids with a B&G Bulb Duster to get a coating the insects can crawl through and hopefully die from before you start seeing them out in the open crawling around. For spraying around the door/window frames inside and out in the fall the D-Fense SC would work great for your needs. 

Answer last updated on: 01/28/2015

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