B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger 48 in. Hose

B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger 48 in. Hose
B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger 48 in. Hose

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Product Overview

The B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger with 48 in. Hose is a heavy-duty fogger that is used for flying insect control around the world. It are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of its compact size, stability, and the 1.5 gal. capacity. The handle and tank are one-piece construction and the unit is rotation-molded for maximum strength. The droplet size available with the  2600 model extends from a power-mist (56 micron droplets) to ULV (20-35 micron droplets). The output and droplet size of the 2600 can be easily selected with the adjustment knob on the nozzle. The 2600 (Flex-A-Lite) has an 48 in. flexible hose for directing the spray to specific sites. Each fogger is individually built and tested for performance. We only sell the 110 volt version (the 220volt version is not available in the US). Also known as BlastMaster Fogger.

We also offer a B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger with an 18" hose.

*NOTE: When using any BP products in any of the following foggers, you MUST lube up the cap gasket with a silicone lubricant before adding in the BP, otherwise it will cause the gasket to swell and no longer create a fog. 

Features and Specs

For use in Commercial & Residential: Indoors
Application * See Manual for complete application instructions
Formulation Professional Fogger
Voltage Can be supplied with 110V or 120V connections
Color Grey
Sprayer Type Fogger
Tank Size (gal.) 1.5 Gallon
Material / Construction Molded Plastic Tank
Spray Pattern 0.0-2.5 oz per minute
Hose Length (in.) 48 in.
Special Features The Droplet Size is a Power-Mist (56 micron droplets) to ULV (20-35 micron droplets)
Made from Corrosion Resistant materials for use with many Chemicals
A 3.5 inch Opening for Easy Filling
Ideal for Fly Control Outdoors
Available in 110V Only with a 5 ft. Power Cord
100 Watt Motor
Warranty 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturer Defects
Shipping Weight 11.52 lbs
Manufacturer B&G (Mfg. Number: 15014906)


Application instructions

  • Mix all chemicals according to the directions on the label.
  • To deliver a ULV-fog open the adjustment knob one-quarter to one-half turn. You will not be able to see the spray on this setting because the droplets are very small.
  • To deliver a power mist open the knob one full turn. The spray will be visible on this setting.

When fogging is complete, turn off the adjustment knob BEFORE shutting off the power. Once the fogger is off, make sure to always empty and flush the tank thoroughly. Do not leave chemicals in the equipment for an extended period of time.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Can I leave the B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 on the floor to use for high up things like book cases, since it is 4' long?

Of course I am talking about inside only. So I am walking around spraying the fogger? Or do I just put it in each room as I fumigate?


A fogging machine such as the B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger with the 48 inch hose is best used when hand-held and moved through the space for best coverage. If you would like to place the unit on the floor temporarily and move the hose around manually, that would be fine. Just be sure someone is watching the unit and not letting the hose fall while the unit is in use. Please refer to the full instructions in the user manual here before using this machine.

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