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Biozyme All-Natural Cleaner

Biozyme is a special organic waste cleaner that uses useful bacteria to get rid of all the hard to remove grease, grime and scum that comes with the preparation of food. The sanitation process in the food service business can be difficult at times, due to the tendency of the food and the products that buildup after a day. Biozyme is the solution for your problems. Just place the Biozyme in a foamer, mop bucket, or foamer, mix to the desired dilution rate, and just apply the solution to the problem area. The product can be applied in drains, equipment, floor mats, and anywhere else that food, grease, slime, and other organic wastes can proliferate. This prevents clogged drain lines, dirty mop, foul odors and slippery floors. Biozyme works in many areas: baseboards, drains, floor mats, under equipment, even cracks and crevices.

The case for Biozyme

Cleaning and sanitation is critical to effective pest control. Even though we understand the important role it plays, we often don’t have the time to do it properly. Our goal with Biozyme is to simplify this process, by providing a single material that will keep commercial food areas free of organic scum and debris. Biozyme makes it easy. Stop scrubbing and put the power of bacteria and enzymes to work.

How does Biozyme work

Biozyme is a completely natural product that you can feel confident using in your customer accounts. Utilizing a process called bio-augmentation Biozyme accelerates the natural breakdown of starches, fats, oils, greases, papers, and vegetable fibers. The build up of these materials are what cause the scum and sludge prevalent in busy commercial food areas. Biozyme proactively digests these materials without the need for scrubbing.

Additionally, it works on urine, a key issue facing anyone with high traffic washrooms.

What makes Biozyme different

When creating Biozyme we went back to the drawing board, and spent a great deal of time field testing the formula in order to deliver a single versatile material that you can rely on for your daily cleaning activities. Our highly targeted bacteria strains, and surfactant blend make a potent combo that rapidly degrades unwanted organic scum and debris. Biozyme’s triple action formula allows it to be foamed directly out of the bottle, sprayed, or added to mop water. Biozyme is most effective as a concentrate, but it can also be diluted. Delivering great results, at a lower cost.

Where to use Biozyme

Perfect for restaurants, bars, nursing homes, food manufacturing facilities, bathrooms, schools, hospitals, breweries, distilleries, bakeries, deli’s, movie theatres, homes. One material can do it all.

Ways to apply Biozyme Biozyme’s unique triple action formula lends itself to three key methods of application.

  1. Spray - Use a 50/50 mixture to spray: walls, under kitchen equipment, baseboards, floor mats, & dumpsters.
  2. Foam - Foam using our industrial foamer un-diluted to: Floor & sink drains, drink lines, exposed cracks and voids.
  3. Mop - Add 4 to 6 ounces per gallon of mop water as your last cleaning step of the day. Allow to stand overnight (do not rinse). As an added benefit it will clean and deodorize your mops.

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    4 of 5 stars  Biozyme
    By Ken in Alexandra VA on 01/26/2017

    Works great especially with trigger foamer

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03/08/2016 David from Mckinney

QWill Biozyme eliminate spoiled milk odor from a car?
Milk has been sitting in the car for about 2 weeks and has left a putrid odor.


Although Biozyme does have odor removing properties it may not be the best type of product for this purpose.† We would recommend a product like Bac-A-Zap.† It will eliminate any odor caused by the spoiled milk and can also be used to clean up any areas where milk may have been spilled on carpet or upholstery.†

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10/02/2017 Dave from Delaplane, Va

QCan I use Biozyme All-Natural Cleaner in sink drains that wash out to our septic tank system?
thank you for your time.


Yes, per the manufacturer you can safely use†Biozyme All-Natural Cleaner†in a drain that washes into a septic tank.†

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07/26/2016 Jean from New York

QWill Biozyme kill springtails coming from pipes and not hurt the septic?


No, Biozyme only eliminates organic waste, including but not limited to sludge, slime and vegetable matter. It is not an insecticide.†

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