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Bird BarrierBird Barrier

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Pest Barrier Rat-Out Gel Rodent Repellent Tube 1 oz. (3 pack)
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A non-toxic, easy to use repellent that deters rats, mice, rodents, gophers and other small mammals.

Bird Barrier Original E6100 Bond 10.2 oz (ha-bb04)
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An extraordinary adhesive bond that can securely holds metals and plastics to wood, sheet metal, steel, brick, concrete and most building structures.

Bird Barrier 2 in. Black StealthNet Bird Net
Multiple sizes available
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It is an effective way to block away pigeons, gulls and other large sized birds.

Bird Barrier Bird Shock Charger 120V Large (bs-cp25)
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A large weather-proof charger that powers up to 2,500 feet of track that should be plugged in into a weather-proof receptacle.

Bird Barrier Nightmare Pigeon Evictor (sd-nm05)
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An effective device that will help eliminate and evict roosting and nesting pest birds.

Pest Barrier Raptor Edge Bait Station with Magnets
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Tall bait station with magnetized patent-pending system which effectively catch rodents - can stick onto dumpsters, fences, metal doors

Bird Barrier 3 / 4 in. Black FlameProof Stealth Bird Net
Multiple sizes available
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A perfect bird barrier that can be used for a variety of building or area configurations and can last for a long time.

Bird Barrier Super Bond Adhesive 50 ml. (ha-bs01)
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An ultimate adhesive that secures your products at surfaces and incredibly resists separation.

Pest Barrier Snap Trap Magnetic Base - 2 Pack
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Magnetic bases which helps you secure a rat snap-trap to any metal surface using 2 powerful magnets.

Tool and Hardware Starter Kit
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Includes a comprehensive collection of tools, hardware, products, fasteners and adhesives to help you get started in the bird control business.