Bird Barrier Pro-Cone Square - CASE (6 pack) (n8-pc25)


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Bird Barrier Pro-Cone Square - CASE (6 pack) (n8-pc25) case (6 pack)

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Bird Barrier Pro-Cone Square - CASE (6 pack) (n8-pc25)

The Bird Barrier Pro-cone Square 6 pack (n8-pc25) is an effective all around repellent that can be placed in house and buildings. It can be used for wildlife species like bats, red and flying squirrels, starlings, rats, mice and others. It will not harm or hurt animals. This product can also be used to remove birds and will not attract them to come back to your house or building. It's made from heavy duty plastic which will make it last for a long time. You can use a separate square flange if you require to install the product in difficult areas. This can be installed in corners where you place the cone properly into place. The package comes with 6 cones per pack.

All the Pro-cone models are made to exclude flying squirrels, sparrows, little rodents, and starlings red squirrels. They will leave the building and cannot return back inside. The cone should be pointed down when used for birds.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1:Safety is Important for Every Kind of Bat Exclusion

  • Secure, reliable ladders
  • For steep roofs, person should be protected with safety harness and line rope
  • Bucket trucks are important when installation is made on large, commercial buildings or tall residences

Step 2: Find the Point of Entry for Every Kind of Bat Exclusion

  • Conduct a "Bat Watch" during best times to identify points of entry
  • When Bats come out to feed at dusk or when they return just before dawn
  • During the day, check any cracks and holes where they might be exiting Check beneath the chimney, under the eaves, beneath the roof's ridge cap and fascia boards, attic vents, roof vents, etc.
  • Look for stains made by droppings and urine

Batcone is Easy to Install:

  • To release individual cones: Free the top cone first by twisting the base of the top cone while holding the remaining bases together.
  • To fasten cones: Use duct tape, 3/8 inch staples or 1 inch screws to fasten the base of the core of the cone to the area surrounding the exit point
  • To seal: Use copper mesh stuffing, polyfoam, silicone caulk or foam backer rod to seal the sides
  • To fit: Use tin snips or scissors to trim the plastic as needed to fit the affected area.

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