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    desert birds are wiley but this Ollie works!

    By Paul on 10/22/2020

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    Every fall here in the sonoran desert I reseed rye grass over my bermuda lawn for a nice looking cover during the cooler months. It used to take me months to get there since from the moment I seeded and soaked the ground the local birds, mostly doves, would literally swarm over the whole lawn digesting my hard work. I was about ready to just install a pool and say the heck with it. Since our local owl population does wonders for keeping everything from ground squirels at bay during the night I wanted to try this owl setup as a daytime predator. Now, three days after seeding the birds are staying away! What helps is the construction allows the owl to move in the wind and those wiley birds have not figured it out yet! I am so enamored with this bird I named it Ollie. Some years ago I sent a similar thing to a friar at a church in Jerusalem who had birds in his belfry & it worked for him too. Worth the cost that is for sure! Past years these birds ate that much in seed every year & now I will have a lush lawn in a month.

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