Cleaning Brushes for Bird Supplies

Keep your bird feeders clean with our selection of cleaning brushes. Clean feeders when you switch between different feeds, after a critter infestation, and if the feeders leak. Shop our selection now to make your feeders last longer.

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A 24 inches brush that will help clean your bird feeders.
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This is easy to store away and perfect to give as a gift for any occasion for any birding enthusiasts.
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Brushtech Brushes Hummingbird Brush Kit is the perfect kit for cleaning out your hummingbird feeder because the brushes are especially designed for it.
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Avoid mold and bacteria build-up on your Hummingbird and Oriole feeders with this cleaning sponge.
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Fabricated bristles excellent for cleaning tubular feeders.
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Droll Yankees Birdfeeder Brush is a 24-inch brush that is specially designed to effectively clean most tube feeders.
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These little brushes are great for gently poking and twirling the small flower openings of hummingbird feeders!
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An 8.5 inches brush that will help clean for your hummingbird feeders.
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A brush kit to help you maintain your hummingbird and tube feeders.
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A brush that is specially designed fit bee guards and ports.
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This 14 in. brush is great to give to your friends or family that has hummingbird and other tube feeders.
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A sturdy tube cleaning brush that is perfect to use for your tube bird feeders or tube bottles on your house.

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