Bird Coils

Bird coils are easy, low maintenance anti-perching devices to keep larger birds like pigeons and gulls from roosting and nesting on your property. The thin, smooth metal coils are completely safe for birds and people, and prevent birds from perching and landing on exposed ledges, parapets, signs, beams, and pipes.

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An extendable bird repellent coil that is ideal to rooftop perimeters and other building ledges.

How To Use Bird Coils

Bird coils are easy to install with the right tools. One coil will expand to 25 feet, and multiple coils can be used to accommodate any ledge you need to protect. There are four main points to follow when installing bird coils: finding the exact measurements of the surface you want to protect, determine the material of the surface, install clips, and fit the coil upright into the clips and brackets. Here are some more detailed steps on how to install bird coils to wood, stone, and other materials.

  • Measure the exact length and width of the ledge you want to place the bird coil on. One coil expands to 25 feet, and you can use multiple coils to make sure it fits the entire length you need, as well as placing two rows of coils to cover a wider area.
  • If the ledge is wooden, you can staple the coil onto the surface, or drill or glue the recommended clips to the surface before placing the coil into the hooks. For stone or concrete surfaces, screwing the clips to the surface is a good option
  • For both wood and stone or concrete, use masonry bits to drill holes in the appropriate spots for the clips, and insert the plastic anchors before securing the hooks with screws.
  • Glue can also be used to affix the clips to the surface. Clean surface well before using the glue, and let it cure for at least 24 hours before attaching the coils. Bird Barrier Bond is a great glue choice.
  • Hooks should be placed about every twelve inches along the surface.
  • Ideally, the coils should overhang the edge of the ledge by ¼ of an ich.
  • Once your bird coils are installed, there should be little to no more maintenance you will have to do in order to keep your coils working and in place.



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