Bird Slides

Bird slides are perfect bird deterrent solutions for unwanted roosting and nesting birds. These devices don’t allow birds to perch and create a complete exclusion from ledges. They work against all bird species, not just the common nuisance ones, so all your needs will be covered.

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About Bird Slides

Bird slides are economical, long lasting exclusion solutions to keep nuisance birds from roosting and nesting on ledges and other flat surfaces of the building you want to protect. Bird slides are usually made of a long lasting vinyl material that is installed at a 45-degree angle that covers the entire width of the ledge. The angle prevents birds from landing, so instead they slide right off the ledge. Bird slides are also a smart aesthetic choice, since they can be painted to match any exterior color, and will blend in to the building.

How To Use Bird Slides

Bird slides are fairly simple to install, with only a few basic tools and steps needed to ensure a proper installation. Here are some tips to ensure a successful installation of your bird slides.

  • When determining where to place bird slides, look for natural flat surfaces. Birds also like semi-protected areas near walls or beams. Monitor these areas to determine the areas that would benefit from bird slides the most.
  • Gather your materials first: a hacksaw or sharp razor knife, tape measure, adhesive like Bird Barrier Bond, a marking pencil, ladder, and maybe a partner to help speed up the process.
  • Make sure to measure the length and depth carefully to cover the area you want to protect thoroughly.
  • For very long ledges, open ledges, and wide ledges, don’t forget to pick up some seam connectors, end caps, and extenders, which will keep birds and other critters from getting inside the slide.
  • You can nail, screw, or glue this material to your chosen ledge, but strong glue is the simplest way to go.
  • After you have measured correctly and cut the pieces to the proper size, drill a half-inch hole each foot down the base of the slide. These holes will allow the glue to come up through the hole and act as a bolt.
  • Surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly of all bird droppings and debris to make sure the product can adhere properly. Please take caution when cleaning bird droppings, since the particles can become airborne and make you sick. Wear a mask, goggles, gloves, etc.
  • Glue should be applied in a zig-zag pattern down the base of the bird slides.
  • If a ledge is too narrow for the standard size, you can trim the product to fit the ledge properly.
  • This product can be painted to match the exterior of the structure. It must be primed and then painted with exterior grade paint.
  • For thorough step-by-step guide to installation, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions completely.

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