Bird Wire

Bird wire will help keep nuisance pigeons and other larger birds away from your property, all while blending in to the building’s architecture. It is often a chosen method of preventing landing roosting, and nesting ledges on museums, hotels, and government or historic buildings because it becomes almost invisible once installed.

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Multiple sizes available
Easy to install birdwire posts made from stainless steel.
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Specially designed indent crimping tool for attaching crimps to the birdwire.
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Multiple sizes available
A Birdwire system that is effective to use on pigeons, gulls and other large birds.
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For use with Bird Barrier Birdwire split pins and anchor rivets.
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Used to install Bird Barrier Birdwire posts to an I-beam or other horzontal steel surface.
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Used to install Bird Barrier birdwire posts to gutter bead, metal roof or other vertical surfaces (up to 3/4? thick).

About Bird Wire

Bird wire is made of a coated steel wire that can be strung up on ledges and other bird-prone surfaces. On wide ledges, multiple rows of wire can be employed. For tension, wire can be attached to stainless steel posts that allow the wire to remain taut. These wires do not allow birds to perch or land on their favorite flat surfaces.

A big allure to using this type of bird deterrent versus another is that bird wire is difficult to see, and does not make a big visual impact or detract from the aesthetics of the building. It is a long lasting product and doesn’t require much maintenance if installed properly.

How To Use Bird Wire

It is important that your bird wire system is installed correctly, and it takes some planning to set it all up. You will have to monitor your nuisance bird problem to see where the roosting and nesting is so you are able to place your bird wire in the most effective place. Here are some tips on how to install your bird wire. Make sure to read the product’s instructions carefully for full directions.

  • To properly install bird wire, you need to mount posts on a ledge, and then attach the wire to the posts. There are varying methods to accomplish this. The manufacturer recommends anchoring posts into concrete, stone, or wood by drilling and using anchors. You can also use stick on bases and adhere them to your surface with strong glue, like bird barrier bond.
  • Before installing, make sure to clean up all bird debris and droppings. This will not only allow a clean installation, but will eliminate any scent trails that will lead birds back to their favorite spots.
  • The posts should be positioned no more than an inch from the ledge, and no more than three inches from the back of the ledge.
  • If you need multiple posts in the middle of your wires, they should be about three inches apart from each other. Alternate the height of these posts, from about 3.5” to 5”.

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