Bonide Annual Grub Beater

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Bonide Annual Grub Beater

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Average Rating

3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3

2 Reviews | 11 Q&A

Product Overview

Bonide Annual Grub Beater protects your lawn from grubs (Japanese beetle larvae) with just one simple application - all season long. In addition to grubs Bonide Annual Grub Beater controls mole crickets, European Crane Fly larvae, and other pests that destroy your lawn. Use Bonide Annual Grub Beater at any time throughout the spring or summer. Bonide Annual Grub Beater it really is that simple!

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 0.5%
Target pests: Grubs (Japanese beetle larvae); Crane Fly and Mole Crickets
For use in: Lawns
Pet safe: Yes, if used as directed on Label
CT (Commercial Applicators Only)
Coverage Area: 5,000 sq.ft
Special Features: Annual protection, better pricing
Shipping Weight: 6.25 lbs
Manufacturer: Bonide (Mfg. Number: 603)
UPC: 037321006039
EPA Registration: 228-501-4



This is a systemic insecticide which controls grubs and other turf destroying insects all season long. Due to the residual activity, applications can be made before or during the time when target pests lay their eggs, which enables the opportunity for high levels of control.


Incorporation of this can be achieved by cultivation, irrigation, rainfall, or mechanical placement.

Woody Perennials:

Onset of protecting is slower than the herbaceous species. A delay of 2 or more weeks should be expected. Longer delays may be expected with larger plants. Application should therefore be made in advance of expected insect activity.

Use this as a broadcast application to the soil on ornamental gardens and turf early spring through summer on residential areas. Determine the size of the job by measuring the area to be treated. Use the spreader setting chart to determine the appropriate setting for your spreader. Treat as directed from application rate chart. Water in thoroughly after application. Make application prior to anticipated pest infestation to maximize control.

  • DO NOT apply more than a total of 9 lbs. (0.045 lb. of active ingredient) per 5,000 sq. ft. per year.
  • DO NOT allow runoff or puddling of irrigation water following application.
  • DO NOT apply this product to water-logged or saturated areas. Application of this to water-logged or saturated areas will not allow penetration into the root zone of the plant.
  • DO NOT allow people or pets to enter treated area until granules have been incorporated with water and the treatment area has dried.
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    Does this stuff work?

    By Bryan on 07/12/2014

    Easy to apply. I presume it works? Hard to tell but I used it because our local nursery said it was the right application for July. I put down crabgrass control, on their advice, in May. This did a fantastic job. First year with zero crab grass.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    unknown results

    By Anonymous on 06/13/2013

    Verified Purchase

    Have absolutely no idea if this product has done anything to the grub problem. Only way to really know is to dig up some grass and see if there are any wiggling around under there.

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Questions & Answers

Have a question about this product?
How long after applying Grub beater until I can use a weed killer and fertilizer?

I put grub beater down on 5/3/14.

You want to wait at least 4-6 weeks after apply Bonide Grub Beater to apply a weed killer or fertilizer. This way you do not disrupt the product from working in the thatch layer and killing grubs.

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What is the difference between this product and Merit?
The main difference is the manufacturer. Bonide and packages products in consumer size while the Backed by Bayer brand usually is packaged in larger packages for professionals that need large amounts.

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How often can I use Bonide Annual Grub Beater? Is it safe for flowers?

Bonide Annual Grub Beater can be used around flowers. Applying before egg hatch is key.  For most white grubs this means applying pesticides while newly hatched grubs are feeding – in mid- to late summer and early fall.  The label only states applications cannot exceed a total of 80 lb (0.4 lb of active ingredient) per acre per year.  Waiting 3 months between applications is standard.  We recommend contacting your local cooperative extension office for advice on treatment intervals in your specific area. 

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What is the Scott's Accu Green 1000 Spreader setting to apply Bonide Annual Grub Beater?

Coverage 5,000 square feet

We apologize the product label does not list that type of spreader. For the accurate calibration please contact Bonide at 315-736-8231.

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Where can I buy Grub Beater by Bonide?

Is this product available in Ontario or Quebec in Canada? Is this product sold in upper State New York? Thank you.

We do not know of any locations local to you that would sell the Bonide Grub Beater. You would normally need to find an online retailer such as ourselves to purchase the product. We do not currently ship to Canada however we can send the product to NY and our shipping is FREE on all orders.

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Bonide Annual Grub Beater 3 out of 5 stars Rating: 3 (2 Reviews / 11 Q&A)

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