Brandt Ecotec (OMRI)

Brandt Ecotec (OMRI)
Brandt Ecotec (OMRI)
Brandt Ecotec (OMRI)

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Product Overview

Brandt Ecotec (OMRI) is derived from peppermint and rosemary oil that is a broad spectrum miticide and insecticide. It has the same benefits of pest control products but with environmentally safe properties. Brandt Ecotec with provide protection that is environmentally friendly from pests that includes thrips, mites, cabbage looper, armyworms, whiteflies, and more. It is OMRI Listed.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Rosemary Oil - 10.00% Peppermint Oil - 2.00%
Target pests Pests such as, but not limited to: aphids, thrips, whiteflies, mites, cabbage looper, and armyworm.
For use in Organic production
Application Spray when pests first appear. Repeat application every 5-7 days. Use lower rates for light to moderate insect infestations and higher rates for heavy infestations. Repeat application as required to maintain the desired level of control. ECOTEC may be applied to crops at any time up to and including the day of harvest.
Pet safe Yes, keep pets away from treated areas until area is completely dry
Yield Application rates of 1.0 to 4.0 pints are recommended in 100 gallons per acre for ground application.
Shelf Life 1 year
Special Features Ecotec's natural origin provides the benefit of effective pest control combined with environmentally safe properties.
University and Grower Proven Efficacy.
Zero REI (Re-entry Interval).
Zero Post-harvest Interval (spray the same day as harvest).
Ideal for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programs.
National Organic Program Compliant.
Enhanced Disease Resistance.
Shipping Weight 26.00 lbs
Manufacturer Brandt Consolidated (Mfg. Number: 1026-01-099)


Brandt Ecotec is a broad spectrum, contact insecticide/miticide with two modes of action. It controls pests such as, but not limited to: aphids, thrips, white flies, mites, cabbage looper and armyworm. Extensive research discovered that the patented combination of essential oils in Brandt Ecotec block octopamine neuroreceptors on insects and mites. Octopamine regulates the insect's movement, heart rate, behavior and metabolism. Blocking such receptors causes quick knockdown and death of the target insect. As an essential oil, a temporary covering of the insect's outer membrane with a spray of Brandt Ecotec leads to suffocation of the pest.

The use of adjuvants (spreaders and /or penetrants) is highly recommended for improving performance.

Do not apply on plants when temperature is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

For general use: ECOTEC can be applied through most standard or field type sprayers after dilution and mixing with water in accordance with label instructions. For best results, spray coverage should be uniform and complete.

Mixing Instructions: Add Ecotec to 1/2 tank under agiation containing water of 45 degrees F or greater before filling to desired level. When combining products, such as adjuvants, insecticides, fungicides, or fertilizers, add these products first when the tank is approximately half full. Ensure that there is good agiation while mixing for complete emulsification. Maintain agitation during spray application.

Always read and follow label for detailed instructions.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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Can Brandt Ecotec be used as a root drench to treat root aphids?
Brandt Ecotec cannot be used to treat root aphids. You will need a product to be drnched into the soil. What are you treating for?

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Can Brandt Ecotec be used up to harvest?
Brandt Ecotec does not have a pre harvest interval. It can be used up until harvest please review the product label for application.

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