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Jimmy writes

Can Hi - Yield 2, 4 - D Selective Weed Killer be sprayed over the top in the beds and flowerbeds?


No, Hi Yield 2,4D Selective Weed Killer cannot be broadcast sprayed over the top of flower beds or shrubs as this will injure or possibly kill them. If treating broadleaf weeds in flower beds/shrubs with a selective herbicide, you would have to carefully spot treat the weeds directly and avoid any overspray. Broadleaf weeds are best removed by hand pulling or using a non selective like Roundup to spot treat the weeds as this will not leach into other plants or flowers. There are over the top herbicides like Grass Out Max that are labeled to kill actively growing grassy weeds in flower beds without risk of injury to the flowers, bushes or shrubs. Always check the product label to be sure your specific flowers or ornamentals are listed as tolerant to the herbicide. Another option is to apply a pre-emergent such as Snapshot Herbicide Granules that will stop weeds from germinating in flower beds and around ornamentals.   *Grass Out Max is recommended to use with a Non Ionic Surfactant for best results. 


Answer last updated on: 05/21/2021

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