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Ken from Knightdale, Nc writes

Can Monterey Weed Impede 2 in 1 Herbicide be applied in an asparagus bed?

I'm looking for a pre emergent that I can use in asparagus bed before the asparagus begins to grow in the spring.


Monterey Weed Impede 2 in 1 Herbicide should not be used for vegetable garden preparations or in and around fruits and vegetables. You can apply a non-selective post-emergent herbicide such as RoundUp prior to planting  (to kill existing emerging weeds) as it only will stay in the soil up to 1-2 weeks. We do carry a pre-emergent herbicide that can only be applied to established asparagus called Monterey Vegetable & Ornamental Weeder. It is applied to asparagus after ferns are removed but before the spear emergence.

Answer last updated on: 02/11/2017

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