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Chris writes

Can Pastora be used on a yard?

We live on 4 acres. The part that we consider our "yard" around the house has been taken over by grass burs. Can Pastora be used to treat our "yard" or is this for pastures only?


No, the Pastora Herbicide label states: Do not use of lawns, driveways, walks, tennis courts, golf courses, athletic fields or other high maintenance, fine turgrass or other areas. 

Without knowing what type of grass is your lawn we would not be able to make a specific recomendation. 

Usually applying a winter (around Feb-March) and a spring (around April-May) pre-emeregent application of Dimension 2EW or Pendulum 2G will kill sandburs. The treated area should not be disturbed during this period and should be watered in thoroughly for best results. As always, read and follow label directions carefully. Also remember that it may take a couple of years to eliminate all the burs hiding in your lawn. We recommend that you contact your local cooperative extension office and speak to the master gardener on staff as he/she may be able to tell you what has worked best in your region and also the exact time to apply the products for the best result in your region.



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Answer last updated on: 05/25/2017

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