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Carol from Atlanta, Ga writes

Can riptide be used to kill moths in the attic? Is so, what concentration and what frequency to get best kill?

We have a large attic with moth infestation. It is difficult to access the entire attic for spraying. I have tried several different pesticides including foggers. We also have some wool-based insulation. I would like to find something that is easy to use and effective. Can you please recommend product, concentration and use frequency to ensure kill?


Riptide can be used in an attic to help eliminate moths that are exposed at the time of of the application. Riptide should be used in a fogging machine such as the Fogmaster Micro Jet ULV or the B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400. According to the Riptide product label you can apply Riptide undiluted: Close room and shut off all air conditioning or ventilating equipment. Apply at the rate of 1/2 to 1 fluid ounce concentrate per 1,000 cubic feet of space. Direct spray towards ceiling and upper corners of room. Leave room closed for 1/2 hour and ventilate thoroughly before re-entry. You can re-apply Riptde every few days if needed. It is very important to identify the type of moth you have and then to track down the source of the moths so that it can be removed or cleaned. Without finding the source of the infestation you will likely continue to see new moths.

Answer last updated on: 05/26/2012

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