B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400

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B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400
B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4

1 Review | 20 Q&A

Product Overview

When it comes to durability and quality, nothing does the job better than B&G. This B&G Ultra Lite Fogger M2400 is designed for fogging large indoor areas such as homes, restaurants, bakeries, attics, crawl spaces, etc. for cockroaches, fleas, food product pests such as grain beetles, and weevils, fabric pests such as Clothes Moths, and even flies, carpenter ants, silverfish, etc. The B&G Ultralight Fogging Machine is the industry standard. Easily apply Pyrethrin fogging solutions such as BP100, BP300, Riptide Pyrethrin, etc to large enclosed areas. The B&G ultralight Fogging Machine easily adjustable output allows the user to choose between a light mist or a heavy fog. Plus it applies the proper airborne amount every time! Be sure to wear a respirator and eye protection when using this piece of equipment.

This model does not include a hose and does not allow for one to be attached.  For a B&G fogger with a hose extension for hard to reach areas please see the B&G Flex-A-Lite 2600 Fogger

Features and Specs

Target pests Flying Insects
For use in Commercial & Residential: Indoors & Outdoors
Application * See Manual for complete application instructions
Formulation Professional Fogger
Sprayer Type Fogger
Tank Size (gal.) 1.5 Gallon
Material / Construction Molded Plastic Tank
Spray Pattern ¼ turn open = 0.33 oz/min
2 x ¼ turns open = 0.75 oz/min
Full open = 2.5 oz/min
Special Features Variable from ULV Droplets to Mist
2 stage motor
Made from Corrosion Resistant materials for use with many Chemicals
A 3.5 in. Opening for Easy Filling
Available in 110V Only with 5 ft. Power Cord
Warranty 1 Year Warranty for Manufacturer Defects
Shipping Weight 8.81 lbs
Manufacturer B&G (Mfg. Number: 2400)
UPC 1108004756



  • Variable flow from ULV (ultra-low variable) to light mist.
  • 2-stage motor for good reliability.
  • Adjustable flow rate up to 2.5 oz/minute.
  • Versatility for many fogging applications.
  • Tank is rotationally molded of a seamless design for maximum strength.
  • 1 1/2 gallon capacity with 3 1/2" wide tank opening & low profile for stability.
  • Corrosion resistant materials for use with many chemicals.
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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    ULV Fogger

    By Robin on 07/16/2014

    Verified Purchase

    This a great, inexpensive alternative to having the work done for you. We like the ease of use, the portability and the heavy duty structure. The only things I would like as improvements would be that the nozzle rotates and that the machine wasn't so loud. Other than those, it's perfect! Thanks for the prompt delivery and accuracy of product description.

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Questions & Answers

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I just bought a lb. of Cyper WP, can it be used in this fogger to fog attics and crawl spaces?
Wettable powders like Cyper WP cannot be used in foggers because they will clog the nozzles on a fogger.  Wettable powders like Cyper WP should only be used in hand pump or larger sprayers that apply coarse sprays.  Fogging solutions are much thinner and are made specifically for use in foggers like the M2400.

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I would like to use the M2400 Fogger with Bora-Care. Do you foresee any problems?
Bora-Care is very thick and is not recommended to use in this type of fogger.  Most of our customers end up clogging the foggers because Bora-Care is very thick. We would not recommend using this type of fogger with Bora-Care.  If at all possible, you should use a hand pump sprayer or paint the product on as suggested on the product label.

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Is the B&G Ultra Lite Fogger a hand held device?

Is the B&G Ultra Lite Fogger a hand held device? Or is it meant to be sat in a room and fogged? Is there a hose attachment option available?

The B&G Ultra Lite Fogger is a hand held fogger, but you could sit it in the middle of the room and leave for some minutes and let it fog the whole room.  Most of the time you would hold it though and direct it into cracks and crevices and other places where pests hide.  You would of course need to wear a respirator, goggles, and gloves at all times.  B&G does make this version with a hose which is the B&G Flex-Lite 2600 fogger which comes with a 18" flexible hose. 

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I need a 220v unit of B&G M2400, how do I select this in the process of ordering on line?

I will order this on line & send it in California & then send it in my country of residence.

We apologize but we are not able to provide the 220 volt unit of the B&G M2400.  You may be able to reach out to the manufacturer to see if they are able to provide you information on obtaining that unit, B&G can be reached at 1-678-688-5601.

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Do you think Eco Exempt IC2 will work in the B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400?
Yes. Eco Exempt IC-2 will work just fine in the B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400. Eco Exempt IC-2 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has been replaced with the newer Essentria IC3.

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B&G Ultra Lite Fogger ULV M2400 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4 (1 Reviews / 20 Q&A)

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